Accidents happen all the time. They have become very common and we hear about them on a daily basis. The newspapers, the news on television and social media are all of news about vehicle accidents. However, it is the big threatening accidents that make it to the media. There are other small accidents that happen, that go unnoticed. If you are ever in the unfortunate situation where you are faced with a vehicle accident and if you are the driver, then here is what you should do. This article will give you a few tips and advice on what procedures you should take in such an instance. Here is some advice.

Assess the damage

It is important that before you proceed to move the vehicle that you assess the damage. It is important to check if any headlight repairs will be necessary for the vehicle.

If headlight repairs in Hawthorn are necessary then you should be careful about moving the vehicle as parts can fall off. However, more than any of the above, you should first check if any other human lives have been put in danger. If any human life has been put in danger, stop everything and call the police and ambulance. It is important to do this. 

Call your insurance provider to the scene of the accident

You should immediately call your insurance provider to the scene of the accident. This should be done before the moving of vehicles has taken place. This is because; in some instances, the insurance companies require pictures of the scene of the accident. If your insurance supplier cannot make it on time, then you may want to take a picture of the scene as it is, so that you can give it to the insurance provider when they arrive. This way, if you meet with the accident on the middle of the road, you can move.

Stay calm; do not fight

Even if it was not your fault that the accident took place, it is important that you stay calm and do not fight the other person. If you do this the situation can become very aggressive and you will have more things to deal with. Even if the other party is screaming at you in outrage, it is important that you stay calm and call the officers who would deal with the situation. Regardless, you should call the police or call an emergency number if the situation is getting very out of hand.