Car logbook is a piece of paper that proves a person as the owner of the car. The book ensures the registration of the car with the driver and vehicle licensing agency. It records all the information about the car including its model, engine size and colour. Logbook keeps record of the keeper even in case of second hand cars.Regular logbook servicing Kenmore ensures better performance. This log book is provided to keep the records of all the servicing. It is provided with the plan of when you should take your car for servicing. This book can be used at any auto repairing shop and even for second hand car.

Avoiding problems related to the car:

Regular servicing allows identifying the problems about to come. They can become cause of worry if go unnoticed or ignored. Maintaining the logbook will give you reminder about the time when you should take your car to a reputed car service. Brake and suspension are checked during regular maintenance so that these parts do not let you down while driving. It is the responsibility of the driver to keep the car in good roadworthy condition. Regular checkups ensure the long lifespan of the car. Thus, following a logbook is very important to maintain your car.Regular servicing increases fuel efficiency of the car. Old oil reduces the car’s performance. Going for servicing is one of the best ways to detect problems and fix them. This will surely save your money.

Claim against money Warranty:

During the warranty period, servicing and fixing the problem should not cost you. Whenever something happens to your car within the warranty period, it is your right to claim the repairs for free. In these cases, the logbook plays an important part. It ensures that you have maintained you car well and the problem is not due to negligence. Then it is the dealer’s duty to repair your car. But if your logbook is not maintained, the dealer may refuse to repair your car due to your negligence. Regular servicing according to your logbook can help you to get the claim against the warranty. Regular servicing at a local mechanical shop is a better option. The dealer may not mention some upcoming problems to avoid the repairing within the warranty period.

Get a better resale price:

If you intend to get a good price while selling your car, it is very important to maintain your car. Well-maintained cars always fetch a good price. Every time you get your car serviced, professionals record it in your log book and give a stamp. While selling your car, this logbook will make sure that you are selling a well-maintained car.