Your car has a finite lifespan, and overtime, it will experience problems which will cause even more problems if not attended right away or avoided. Problems like these will be factors for your car’s deterioration, so make sure that you are able to maintain it to avoid any other complications and expenses.Vehicular accidents happen daily, and over a million people dies or get injured annually. This year, I became one of them, but I was one of the lucky ones who survived, suffering only minor injuries when another vehicle hit my car from behind. My car also got lucky because only the rear bumper, rear windshield, and tail lights were the ones that were damaged. It was still a stressful situation once you begin to consider the hospital bills, car repairs, and lawsuit, but nonetheless these are ones that you should be mindful once struck in that situation.

Check yourself for injuries

Once you are able to grab a hold in your own state of mind, check yourself for any injuries, and check your passenger’s right after. If you find yourself or your passenger/s seriously injured then it would be best not to move, call or have someone call for help, and wait for the emergency team to arrive.

Check your vehicle’s damage

Check the area that was hit and inspect all other parts if there are leaks in the engine or in the gas tank’s area. When I got out of the vehicle, I checked the car’s rear and just realized that it will need smash repairs, but thankfully, after the assessment of the mechanic, that will be all the things that it will need.

Call your insurance company

Inform your insurance agent or company as to what happened and give them the full detail of how things went down as accurate as you can which will help in your car accident claim. This will help you greatly decrease the expenses for your car’s repairs down from industrial sand blasting up to the engine. Getting involved in a car accident will be very exensive, and having an insurance company with you will be a big help. Taking pictures will also be a good source to submit claims, and a having a dashcam installed will also be a good evidence to support your claim.


Whether you are involved in a minor or a major accident, it is important that you are able to file a legal accident report to the police. You should limit your discussion with the other party, and only talk about the car accident with the authorities, the medical personnels, and your insurance agent.

You should always get your facts straight. A lot of people involved in a vehicular accident may have a difficulty in remembering the exact things that happened because it was sudden and undergoing a lot of stress. Give information regarding the type of vehicle, license plate, and personal information from the other party.