Being homeless is when you do not have a home to live in. Which is completely tragic. People become homeless due to many reasons. It can be economical or social. Some people become homeless due to poverty while some loses their homes due to natural disasters. Many countries provide facilities for people who are unable to purchase a shelter for them self. Yet, this is not the same in many Asian countries. However, there are few options that one can try as a substitute for a house or even as a way not to be homeless.

Seek for help or start finding a short cut.

It is not like someone would be homeless overnight, unless it is due to a natural cause such a hurricane or flood. You may see signs of you being homeless. You may not be able to manage the house bills and taxes. One alternative can be by renting out a part of your house or your room to a tenant. This way you will still have a house to live in while gaining an income. If things get difficult never hesitate to seek for help. Try speaking to a family member or a relative and move in with them for the time being. This is way better option than having to live in a street. Some do not realise the fact that there are many charities that are willing to assist people who cannot afford their daily requirements. You can apply for such a charity organization and fulfil the food requirements. This way you can save money for other needs such as the electricity.  

Rent out things for a long duration.

Nowhere has it said that you should live only in a home. You can find an alternative for a home for a lesser price. If you are not able to afford a home,  try motorhome modification Melbourne or a caravan. These are great substitutes for a home. You may even be able to get a custom caravan according to the amount of money you have. This way you may able to travel to any place you want until you find a good job and a place without being homeless.

Never jump to conclusions.

A mistake that every person who has a mortgage with the bank does is that concluding that they are going to lose their home. This very thought would make their brains cloud from thinking of any solution for the issue. Never take quick decisions. This is the most crucial time that you need to focus on. Try talking to the bank manager or any other legal entity who would have a better knowledge about such things and try to get more time. In the meantime, you can rent out part of your house or sell an alternative possession and find the money to settle the mortgage.